Tuesday 8 November 2011

Artist Loft in Williamsburg

Today I dream about this huge amazing loft in Wiliamsburg.

The loft, which used to be an abandoned warehouse was designed by Ochs Design. The company, which was founded by Paul Ochs in 1989, specializes in renovation and restoration.

The interior is not my style but still, somehow I love it. I think it might be because I always secretly wanted to be a crazy artist who lives for art and doesn't care about the world :)

I love the vibe of it, the art in every corner. I normally don't really like such a big, open space but in this case it's a great way to display all the artwork and have enough space for creating more of it. I love the kitchen with the big wooden table and very well designed cute little cabinets. I even love the huge bed with all the fabric draped as a canopy to create that french meets greek effect.

Most of all though, I love the amount of light there, the place is just soaked in sunlight and that's what I'm missing lately thanks to the famous English weather...

I apologise for the recent lack of interiors posts, it's getting harder and harder to find something that hasn't been posted already ten times but I promise another one on Sunday :)

 Photos from Ochsdesign.com

Vive l'art! :)


  1. To łóżko,achhh, cóż za "księżniczkowe miejsce" :)

  2. Kurde, cały czas mam wrażenie, że też pisałam o tym lofcie. Jest zachwycający!