Sunday 4 November 2012

Spring 2013 Fashion Week Favourites

Today I dream about the amazing month of high fashion that has unfortunately come to an end :(

That first sentence could be misleading as Fashion Week ended quite a while ago but as usual I lost this post in a sea of drafts so hope you don't mind :)

Sadly, I have to say that this Fashion Week was kind of disappointing. There were a few collections that I was really waiting for to see for months and when I finally did, well they weren't as good as I expected. Maybe my expectations were too high or maybe fewer things can surprise me nowadays.

In general I have to say that I usually prefer the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week as it's much more challenging. Both designers and fashionistas attending the shows must put more effort into their choices as a simple t-shirt and shorts are just not enough. I'm always super excited to see the coats and boots for the upcoming season and that's always my favourite part of every winter collection.

Anyway, today I'd like to show you my favourite collections for the upcoming spring and I'm very curious about your favourites too!

Topshop Unique

For me, this Fashion Week was all about simplicity and minimalism and this is a perfect example. Simple cuts and basic colours combined with metallics, light layering and sheer fabrics make a pretty good combination. Not something I expected to see from Topshop Unique, but it was a really great surprise.

The collection is really chic and sophisticated but still has that great urban feel to it. I love the first two boxy shaped sweats in grey and white - I hope that the price will allow me to get my hands on that beauty :)

Maison Martin Margiela

Minimalism and oversize at its finest! The collection is MMM's view on evening wear and that view is truly unique. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me this collection has something Japanese about it. Perhaps the shapes remind me a bit of the traditional kimonos. I watched the whole show with my mouth wide open and I'm sure that this is one of the special collections that I will still remember in 10 years time. See the whole collection here!

By the way, how to you like MMM's collaboration with H&M, do you have any favourites yet?

I really love it, although I have to say that sadly, I don't think it will sell that well. You really have to be tall and skinny to look good in those clothes apart from some of the draped dresses which I love, but the accessories stole my heart!


To me, Alber Elbaz's new collection is sexy above all. He describes it as "deconstructed classicism" which totally reflects the character of the collection. It's like taking classic office work-wear to a whole new level and transforming it into a sexy, modern party girl look.

There was some bright colours in the collection but my favourite looks are those chic monochrome ones, no surprise there :) Check out the whole collection here!

Alexander Wang

It was the show of the season! It caught my eye instantly and not for silly details like furry heels or the hula-hoop bag but for the amazing technique and a consistent and well thought out collection. Really futuristic and graphic, plenty of leather and skin - totally not my style but how amazing is that!?

I'm a bit crazy and I love it when things are in perfect order. I don't like any asymmetry so maybe that's the reason why I liked it so much. Every cut, every stitch was perfectly reflected on the other side of the piece - pure perfection!

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Spring roll :)


  1. That first collection is amazing, so simple but so beautiful.

  2. Lanvin zawsze in! ;) Bardzo przyjemna ta kolekcja TopShop Unique, chociaż to nie mój styl, wiele z tych rzeczy kusi, chociaż do przymierzenia! ;)

  3. Bardzo podobaja mis ie buty na ost. zdjeciu!

  4. Mnie chyba najbardziej urzekła kratka od Dries Van Noten, sportowy szyk Stelli McCartney oraz Alexander Wang! W ogóle, zauważyłam, że wielu projektantów idzie w sportowy minimalizm ;)

    1. O tak, kratka od Van Notena tez super a Stella mnie nie zachwycila ta kolekcja tak jak poprzednimi. Masz racje z tym sportowym minimalizem i bardzo mnie to cieszy, potrzeba matka wynalazkow a nowoczesne dziewczyny potrzebuja rzeczy wygodnych i uzytecznych :)