Tuesday 28 February 2012

Katie Ermilio Spring 2012 Collection

Today I dream about the breathtaking Spring 2012 collection by Katie Ermilio.

I think this is the post with the biggest amount of pictures I ever posted - it only proves how much I'm in love with this collection right now! :)

Katie, a 26 year old New York based designer, is a granddaughter of Grace Kelly's personal clothier and with this collection I see where she got her inspiration from! Grace Kelly's glamour and femininity mixed with Jackie-O's timeless chic and elegance makes a perfect combination!

Katie combined it with next season's strongest trends - pastel colours and peplums and there we go - a collection to die for!

I love absolutely everything about this collection - from the soft, pastel colours with a bright splash of fuchsia, mustard and electric blue to the tulip skirts, clean cuts and womanly minimalism. When creating the lookbook for this collection Katie collaborated with a super-talented photographer Jamie Beck who did a truly amazing job, see for yourself...

Photos from Katieermilio.com

What Katie did :)


  1. Piękna będzie ta wiosna:) Ja wśród pastelowych barw stawiam na ten przepiękny niebieski<3

  2. What a beautiful collection, so many awesome creations.

  3. O wow! Piękne zdjęcia, jeszcze piękniejsze ubrania! Ostatni zestaw z kolorze fuksji poproszę od razu! Uwielbiam takie topy!

    Swoją drogą ostatnio oglądałam "Rear Window" Hitchcock'a i Grace Kelly byla w nim olśniewająca, zwłaszcza jej perłowa bransoleta Chanel ;-)! Widać sporo inspiracji style Grace - ale to tylko na plus!

  4. I to jest styl, który lubię. Kobieta w 100%. Seksowna, ale nie wulgarna. Cudo!