Friday 9 December 2011

Hanna Müller's Fashion Illustrations

Today I dream about Hanna Müller's amazing fashion illustrations.

Recently, I showed you Sabine Pieper's work and today it's time for another talented lady - Swedish illustrator, Hanna.

I'm completely in love with her drawings and watercolour paintings! Hanna's works are mostly inspired by models and fashion editorials - she's not only able to transform a picture into a drawing or a painting but also she perfectly captures special moments and especially facial expressions. She gives the models a look of vitality behind their eyes and captures their personalities which is a pretty rare talent.

Have a look at Hanna's blog to see all her amazing work!

  Photos from

The eyes have it :)


  1. Piękne portrety!

    Miłego dnia Adelina:)

  2. Chciałabym umieć rysować. Ech...

  3. Hannah Muller is my number one, all- time favorite artist for pencil drawings. I love the little touches of color she adds.
    Your blog looks interesting.
    I would like to follow !