Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Guest Post: Adelina!

Today I dream of... Adelina! :)

Adelina arrived safe and sound in Italy and right now is on the train from Florence to Prato with her mother. She just sent me this photo that she took from the plane:

Even at 30,000 feet she is still finding beautiful things to share! :)

Firstly, I should introduce myself... My name is Kevin and I am Adelina's boyfriend - don't believe me? Check this out!


Adelina is quite mysterious and doesn't like to talk about herself so much here; so while she is away, for one night only I will talk about her and hope that I don't get into too much trouble when she gets back home ;)

If you have any questions about her that you've been curious about, ask them in the comments and if I can answer them I will, but shhh... don't tell her :)

In the meantime I will tell you some fascinating facts about her and for the rest of the week I will post about a subject that intrigues me, and hopefully you too!

Adelina is a great dancer...

She trained as a dancer for many years when she was young so now if I see a dance in a music video or a movie and I want to learn it, she can teach it to me! It is always easier to get a dance lesson from her if she has enjoyed some vodka beforehand ;)

Once she taught me Sam Rockwell's crazy dance and for about 3 seconds I was really doing it!

Adelina has a gift for languages...

I spent 18 months in Poland and after all that time all I could say was "piwo proszę" ('beer please') and "dziękuję bardzo" ('thank you very much') but Adelina can speak Polish (duh!), English, French, Spanish and Italian! Her Japanese is not so great yet, but we are working on it :)

Adelina loves animals...

Her family in Poland are always adopting stray cats and abandoned dogs and this kindness towards animals must be in her genes as she will always find a cat or dog to stroke wherever we go :) When we visit Poland we are surrounded by animals and she loves them all, apart from spiders... she has arachnophobia so I always have to check the corners of rooms for cobwebs.

Here are her dogs - Buster, Queenie and Mela and Adelina holding a tiny kitten...


Adelina never gets lost...

She is a great person to go on an adventure with as she has a built in GPS and never, ever gets lost. She always seems to know where she is, even in a place she has never been to before - it's spooky! I always get lost - when we lived on the fourth floor of a block in Krakow I would be trying to unlock apartments on the second and third floor thinking I was home - so to me, never getting lost is an amazing superpower!

Although I miss her already, I know she will always find her way back to me because of her GPS :) so now I will sleep and see what else I can dream of for tomorrow!

Sweet dreams, dear readers and see you soon,

K x


  1. Awww, how nice :D I almost feel like a celebrity!

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  3. Hey, Kevin, this is sooo cute! It's really good to get to know her a bit, so I hope you'll keep it up!


  4. This is so cool and you're a lucky man, Kevin! :)